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The photo to the right is David's daughter Sharon on a pony, probably in 1941.
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Cindi wrote on April 28, 2011
Brian you are soooo AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for this, the movies are awesome!! What a great site to pass along to our kids and their kids in the future! I love your music choices too for the movies, GREAT JOB!!!

Oh ya, another thing... as I was looking at this, I was thinking Brian, Grandpa is where we get our love of photography!! Although you've been able to take yours to a much higher level than me, I am never without my camera, love taking scenery pictures especially from the back of Jack's motorcycle, some times I get some really great shots! Even with my little point and shoot!! Not too long ago I was at a restaurant and a newly married couple came in and the gal threw her bouquet (her husband was an employee at the restaurant), I happened to post some of the pics I took of them on FB and through a mutual friend she saw them and was so excited as they were the only pictures she had of them throwing the bouquet and garter! Anyway, photo's are certainly windows to the world!!
Gloria wrote on April 7, 2011
Hi Brian, I wasn't going to comment about this web sight since I am your Mother, and people would think I was biased; but I just went through it again with all your new additions, and I am SO PROUD of all the work you did for all of our family. I know it will be cherished by all. It makes me feel like we are closer as a family and I see my Dad in a different light. The pictures brought back alot of great memories. When We were kids, Sundays were always special days. After church we would have our big Sunday dinner and thankfully Dad loved going places to take pictures. So we would pile in the car to go to the beach or the park, or to Grandpa and Grandma's house, or to many other places. To this day, I still don't like staying at home on a Sunday and always have a yearning to do something. THANK YOU DAD FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL MEMORIES!!! I know you would be so pround of your Grandson, Brian. Love Mom (Gloria)
Michael wrote on April 5, 2011
Hey everyone! This is Michael, Nancy (Kaukonen) Mason's son. It was great fun to look at the old photos and read about the history of the Kaukonen family. I especially like the photos in and around Hibbing/Cherry. Back in 1975, when I was in the 5th grade, I made a trip out to Minnesota with my grandma (Lempi) to see where my mom grew up. Believe it or not, I actually recognize some of the places in the photos! Thank you for all of the hard work.
Jeanette wrote on March 30, 2011
Brian---What a great thing you have done. This will be cherished by many of your relatives. It is too bad every family does not have someone like you to do a family history. And it was done so well. What a great thing for all the kids to have in future years. Again, congratulations to you and the all your relatives.
Stephanie wrote on March 20, 2011
This is such a family treasure! I am having so much fun reading stories and looking at photos! Mom [Sharon] looked so cute sucking her thumb! I am so thankful that Grandpa took all those pictures! I remember watching slide shows in their front room on Hermosa when we were young kids! Thanks for taking the time to put this all together!
Velma (Billie) wrote on March 19, 2011
Even if I had never met Margaret and David, I would enjoy reading these brief biographies. They are well written and an "easy read". I even appreciated reading the comments on the visitors page -- especially those of Bob Bunch, when he commented that he, his wife and daughter looked at the old photos, trying to pick out which girl was Gloria and which one his mother. Made me feel not quite so stupid -- You see, after over fifty something years of Sandra being my sister-in-law, I still get confused with her and Gloria!!! I think my most vivid memory of David was in their kitchen -- He and Margaret had wanted a certain design in the wallpaper, but couldn't find what they desired, so he just painted the walls and ceiling white, then painted the leafy design that was in his mind. God smiled on that man and gave him a special talent the day he was born -- And God didn't neglect Margaret either.
Nancy wrote on March 18, 2011
Thank you Brian!! This has been so much fun reading, and I'm still reading. The history and photos and now the videos are bringing back such good memories. You have done such a wonderful job on the website and what a great tribue to Uncle Dave. Again, thanks!
Eleanor wrote on March 17, 2011
Brian, I enjoyed reminiscing the past through your interesting website, a great addition to our family history and my family albums. Uncle Dave's love for photography inspired me as a child... loved all the photos he sent us. I attribute his influence to me pursuing photography in high school and college. Thanks, Uncle Dave!! It seems "photography" became a "trait" of the Kaukonens, as today many nieces and nephews have this common interest. Wouldn't Uncle Dave be proud...as he is of you, Brian, for dedicating this wonderful tribute to a great man, loved by many. Great job, Brian!! Thank you!!
Shirley Faye wrote on March 17, 2011
My youngest brother, Roger G. Bunch, is husband to Sandra Bunch. I have enjoyed reading the family history.
Barbara wrote on March 16, 2011
I loved Dave and Margaret. Dave was a shy man -- Marilyn and I loved rubbing his crew cut that he got -- and I remember how his daughters (my friends) were so shocked that he let Marilyn and I do that. Margaret was such a great cook, baker, seamstress. She and I had some wonderful conversations on Mondays when I had off from work. I am so glad I got to see Dave before he had his surgery. There was a party at Gloria's house -- I think it was someone's anniversary or birthday -- have forgotten. He looked so good and happy that day.

I also am glad I got to see Margaret at Kristen's (Byrd) wedding. I'll never forget sitting beside Margaret after the wedding. I said, Margaret I know you don’t remember me, but I spent many Mondays at your house and we had some great conversations. She just grinned. Then I reminded her how she cooked, sewed and baked. Again she grinned. Someone in the wedding party announced that only family members could stay and have there pictures taken. So I told Margaret that we had to leave because we weren't family members and she said "they'll never know" -- we both laughed. We hugged each other and that was the last time I saw her. They were wonderful people. I truly loved them.
Leslie wrote on March 15, 2011
Wonderful job Brian! I've learned so many things about Grandpa that I didn't know. What an awesome tribute to a wonderful man!
Cindi wrote on March 15, 2011
I've only just started looking at everything on this webpage, can't wait to see and read everything!! Thanks sooooo much Brian for doing this and such a wonderful job, it's AMAZING!! You have a lot of talent and it's so great to see all these pictures of grandpa, such a great thing for our kids to see and learn about their ancestors, great to see grandpa's legacy live on. THANK YOU!!!
Eldan wrote on March 15, 2011
Brian, you'll never know how much I appreciate what you have done. I stayed up long past my bedtime perusing the site and learning so much new information in the process. It brought up many good memories. Our family photo album was stolen from my dad's car many decades ago, so it was of particular delight to see some of these old photos again. Your grandfather would be proud of this labor of love. Thanks again, Eldan and Jeanie
Ken wrote on March 14, 2011
Thanks, Brian, for creating this website! Some of the pictures are familiar as my mother (Ruth Kaukonen Heikkila) has them in albums. I remember "Uncle Dave" and his visits to Minnesota when I was growing up. He always had his camera! I'll be sure to share this website with my mother since she is not part of the computer age. Your website will make her upcoming 90th birthday even more special.
Norma wrote on March 13, 2011
Brian, it is apparent that you have put in a lot of time, thought and love in this web page. I have really enjoyed reading about Dave & Margaret, it is very interesting. I didn't know them very well but knew Gloria and Sandra quite well as we were high school friends. It was fun trying to figure out in the pictures of the twins just who was who. Thanks again for such an interesting web site of your Grandfather... A real tribute!
Sharon wrote on March 13, 2011
Brian...How can I ever begin to thank you enough for this beautiful tribute to my dad. I feel like a little girl again. I have only just begun my journey into this website, and I already know I will have many happy memories to visit and revisit. Your talent truly amaze me in what you have created, and in so many ways you are like your Grandpa Kaukonen, especially in photography. I did want to mention something else I remembered. At dad’s funeral I had several people (women) who had come up to me to tell me how special my dad was. They both had their homes painted by dad and said that he not only left there homes cleaner than it was when he started, he also fixed and repaired items in their home. I believe both were widows and didn’t have a man around the house. I have never forgotten these comments and have thought about them many times over the years and felt so proud of dad. Just another tidbit I wanted to share. Thank you again Brian for making me so happy!!! THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU!!! Auntie Sharon
Kalie wrote on March 13, 2011
What a wonderful tribute to the man who was always one of my favorite uncles! Great job!
Jeff wrote on March 13, 2011
Love the photos, and the stories. I've learned a lot about our family! Who knew we were such an interesting lot? I'm surprised at how much detail there are in these old photos. They have been preserved well during these past 60 years. I can't wait to see what other treasures Aunt Sandra, Aunt Gloria or mom (Sharon) are holding in their closets. Just think, grandpa would have been 98, and we are really close to grandma's 100th birthday anniversary. Brian, thanks again for sharing the web site, and also for the ancestry work you have been doing lately.
Sandra wrote on March 13, 2011
Brian! Our dad, your grandpa, would be blown away by what you have done to honor him on his 98th bithday. Just think how far our technology has come, from where he started. Can't thank you enough for all the work you put into this site. I know you enjoyed and where very excited about doing this. I hope all our relatives (and friends) will enjoy also. Maybe this is a start of a new career for you! :) It has been fun going through all the pictures (slides) that Dad took over his life time. I have been storing them in my closet since I have the biggest closet...I named it Sandy's Boutique! If anyone is looking for a picture that our Dad had taken, I might have it. Again our heartfelt THANKS FOR A JOB WELL DONE!! Love, Aunt Sandra
Bob wrote on March 13, 2011
Brian - This was SUPER & you did a GREAT job!!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Cheryl, Sarah & I sat here trying to guess who was Sandra & who was Gloria in all the family pictures. Was especially neat to see the pictures of Bryce & Zion that grandpa took as I took many of the same shots when were were there about 5 years ago. Thanks again for all the time and effort that you spent to put this together!
Brian wrote on March 12, 2011
Hello everyone ... this is Brian, the creator of this Web site. I'm so excited that this Web site is finally "open to the public" and that the grand opening was on David's birthday, March 13. However, it's still work in progress. Just a couple of days ago we found David's photo album that has all the missing photos from the 1951 Road Trip. Within the next few weeks those should all be scanned and added to this site. Plus there's a chance we might have some home movies that David took during the trip that we can share here ... stay tuned! Be sure to add yourself to the Guest Book, and if you have any fond (or not so fond?) memories of David, be sure to share those too.
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